English with Famous People

Download: English with Famous People

English with Famous People consists of six independent parts which can be downloaded, installed, and uninstalled separately as needed. The downloading and installation of each part will give you a time-limited version, from which you can learn for free for 7 days.

Chcete-li potom ve výuce dále pokračovat, musíte si v našem elektronickém obchodě zakoupit Licenční klíč. Zakoupený Licenční klíč je pouze jeden a po zadání platí pro všechny části.

Businessmen & Politicians

File: Setup_Businessmen_and_Politicians.exe
Size: 590 MByte

Famous Writers

File: Setup_Famous_Writers.exe
Size: 572 MByte

Film Stars

File: Setup_Film_Stars.exe
Size: 394 MByte

Pop Stars

File: Setup_Pop_Stars.exe
Size: 531 MByte

Royal Family I

File: Setup_Royal_Family_I.exe
Size: 637 MByte

Royal Family II

File: Setup_Royal_Family_II.exe
Size: 586 MByte


  1. Clicking on the Download button on this page initiates the download.
  2. Take one of the following actions:
  • To start the installation immediately, click on the Open button.
  • To save the downloaded file in the computer to install later, press the Save button.
  • To cancel the download, press the Cancel button.

System Requirements

  • PC Pentium 300 MHz, 256 MB RAM
  • Resolution 1024x768, High Color (16bit)
  • Sound card
  • Microphone
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and higher
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista
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