Publishing technologies

Publishing technologies

We can develop language teaching content fully conformant with Moodle and other LMS. As a producer of multimedia courses we have detailed knowledge in this field. Our courses are implemented as SCORM packages.

We have also developed special authoring tool - EduAuthor - to create multimedia content. It is based on HTML, XML, JavaScript and Silverlight/Flash. With EduAuthor, anyone can create SCORM packages fully conformant with Moodle. We use this tool to develop language courses as well as special courses for other companies.

As a supplement to our language courses we provide EasyLex dictionaries with audio pronunciation. EasyLex dictionaries can work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, ICQ, Miranda, Notepad, Wordpad, etc. Such a world renown publisher as HarperCollins Publishers company is taking advantage of our dictionary technology. We are also able to incorporate dictionaries of other publishers into EasyLex technology.

We have large experience with content localization. Our localization tool enables effective localization of complicatedly structured content (including method for effective translation of duplicate texts, processing of changes and possibility of online translation).

We are in development of the RE-WISE online application (see RE-WISE) for effective learning and revising of any simple facts (e.g. words and phrases). It is very easy and user friendly to modify the database of facts (add new facts, edit, delete) or to create completely new databases.

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