The unique RE-WISE method is designed for learning simple facts (words, phrases, grammar rules, etc.) and their subsequent revision. It is in fact an enhanced electronic version of the vocabularies people carry with them and use to review learned material.

Its basic goal is to preserve as many learned words as possible in the student’s memory and simultaneously, minimize the number of necessary repetitions. It uses an important feature of the human memory – the time interval for which we can remember a word extends significantly with repetition. This allows the gradual addition of new words, less forgetting of old ones and still maintaining the daily efforts related to repetition on acceptable level.

Example: If you enter five new words in RE-WISE every day, in two years your RE-WISE vocabulary will contain 3650 words. The RE-WISE method ensures that you still remember all these words and you will spend at most 10 minutes a day repeating them.

To give you a better idea of how the RE-WISE method works, we prepared a short video sample for you.

Why does the RE-WISE method really work? Because it is based on the mathematic model of the process of learning and forgetting. The model was verified on many tenths of thousands of users and it has been gradually improved since the year 1997. Read more information on the RE-WISE method principle.

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