Nhận dạng giọng nói

Nhận dạng giọng nói

LANGMaster language courses use ViaVoice Speech recognition technology from IBM. Thanks to this, you can communicate with the course in the language you are learning. When you record the commands in a microphone, the computer recognizes them and executes them immediately.

The voice control continuously works on your pronunciation. Since the software alerts you to any mistakes in the pronunciation (when it does not recognize what you mean), you will gain much more self-confidence in speaking than in the case of passive learning with a book or a TV course.

Speech Recognition can be used in the following three situations:

  • Control of the user interface which is a substitution of the mouse clicking on icons in an application interface. Say the keyword in the microphone (for English Now) and then an appropriate command, such as Continue. The command will be executed immediately. The overview of the commands used for the individual languages can be found in the software help.
  • Exercise control – many exercises can be done using a microphone. Instead of completing text windows using a keyboard or controlling the exercise using mouse, you will record instructions in the microphone in the language you are learning. Therefore, you are continuously working on your pronunciation and active knowledge of the language.
  • Looking up an unknown word – see the function Say&See

To give you a better idea of how this function works, we prepared a short instructional video animation. It will guide you through all the options of using the Speech recognition function.

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