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Learn Spanish using a course which has received many awards.

Award winning course based on the highest quality educational content from the Hueber Publisher. Contains the most advanced didactic features such as the ViaVoice IBM technology for Speech recognition, the RE-WISE method for easy and effective vocabulary building, and the Click&See and Say&See methods for the immediate translation of words into the appropriate language.The course covers 3 levels of skill from beginner to advanced.

The translation dictionary contains entries recorded by native speakers, explanations, examples of use, grammar notes, phrases, and phrase verbs. It contains a tool for fulltext searches.

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The multimedia course contains not only a huge amount of learning material, but also unique functions for efficient and entertaining learning. While learning, you can proceed according to the pre-prepared learning plan or you can choose lessons and pages as you wish. An essential skill when learning a language is to practice correct pronunciation. Using displayed voice curves and comparison of your pronunciation with a native speaker (not only for individual words, but also for entire expressions or sentences) you will learn to speak so that your pronunciation and intonation corresponds well to native speakers.Thanks to the IBM ViaVoice® Speech recognition technology, the application and many exercises may be controlled by voice commands in Spanish.

  • 210 hours of intensive study
  • 2 hours of sound recorded by native speakers
  • 970 course pages
  • 750 exercises
  • 3,000 new words and phrases
  • 1,200 pictures and photos


The course contains a unique link to the Spanish–English and English-Spanish dictionary.By clicking on an unknown word, the word is looked up in the dictionary and translated (Click&See). You can even say the word into the microphone and it will immediately be found (Say&See). The dictionary has been recorded by native speakers and contains a fulltext search, including morphology, and a direct link to the RE-WISE® method for learning words and phrases.

  • 53,000 headwords
  • 80,000 meanings
  • 110,000 translations
  • 25,200 recorded headwords

"Collins Spanish Dictionary & Grammar" 4th Edition 2006 © HarperCollins Publishers 1997, 2000, 2004, 2006 (Dictionary part only)

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