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A supplementary course for learning English, which has won many domestic and foreign awards.

The courses are based on books written by world famous authors (Oscar Wilde, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,…) adapted by the Macmillan Heinemann Publisher for students from beginner to intermediate level. The courses are suitable as a learning supplement and are mainly focused on reading, listening, and vocabulary. They cooperate with RE-WISE method for easy and effective vocabulary building. The courses are contextually linked with the completely recorded Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary. Suitable also for children older than 10 years.
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Instead of boring articles and dull conversations, you can, based on your mood and interests, choose stories from detective, adventure, love, horror, and other genres. The basic activity is listening to a text recorded by English speaking native speakers. The listening is easy to control – play the individual sentences or the entire paragraphs, move back or forward, repeat. You can practice your correct pronunciation and improve your vocabulary and grammar in an active manner. The interactive exercises offer pictures, audio, and automatic evaluation including the displaying of the correct answer.

The courses are contextually linked with the English LANGMaster Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary. The dictionary contains 40,000 definitions and over 30,000 examples of use. Besides the fact that it will help you to find out what each word means, its biggest contribution is that all the headwords including examples of use are recorded by professional native speakers. This makes it an indispensable aid when practicing the correct English pronunciation.

You can enter the words from courses and from the dictionary in your user vocabulary and learn them using the RE-WISE® method. The RE-WISE method will help you to efficiently enhance and strengthen your vocabulary – it continuously monitors your forgetting curve and based on it plans the next revisions.

Monolingual dictionary:

Collins COBUILD Student's Dictionary

All the books cooperate with the English LANGMaster Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary. Its biggest contribution for any student of English is that all the headwords including all of the forms and examples of use are recorded by professional native speakers. This makes it an indispensable aid when practicing the correct English pronunciation. A matter of course is the advanced search of words and phrases. You can search according to a word, some of its forms, or according to a phrase.

Beginner level

The stories narrated using the 600 words of vocabulary

This level is intended for those who are able to compose simple sentences in the present and past tense with the help of a dictionary and have at least a passive knowledge of forming questions and negatives in English. The courses are also suitable for children (recommended from 10 years), for which we have prepared a picture dictionary of the basic words. For better comprehension, the texts and exercises are completed with many illustrative pictures.

John Milne: The Long Tunnel

Three university students decide to go to Wales for a summer vacation. They want to stay in a log house without power and a phone in an out-of-the-way part of land, However, one bearded man thinks it is a good place for a robbery.

Elizabeth Laird: The Garden

A young girl leaves her tyrannical father in a city and leaves to find happiness amongst the plants and flowers she loves. The story has a happy ending, but let’s not get too far ahead. Recommended especially for girls.

Alwyn Cox: Dangerous Journey

The four members of the group, which perform the geological survey for a mining company, are imprisoned in a rain forest where they got stuck due to strong rain storms. The only way back to the base camp is closed to them, because a rising river washed away a bridge. An accident happens when they are trying to overcome the obstacle.

T.C. Jupp: Rich Man Poor Man

Old Adam is surprised by a gift from his son working in England – a check. It represents more money than we has ever seen before and he is excited by the idea of giving a party for his friends. But when he tries to cash the check in the city, he faces dishonesty, cheating, and bureaucracy.

Elementary level

The stories narrated using the 1,200 words of vocabulary

This level is intended for those who handle the basic grammar and vocabulary, but their skills are mainly passive. They have a hard time understanding a native speaker and can only come up with the necessary words with difficulty. The courses will improve their listening and pronunciation, as well as activate and expand their vocabulary.

Norman Whitney: The Stranger

Woodend is a small, quiet village without shops and visitors. One day, a stranger appears and opens a store. Ever since, Woodend is flooded with tourists. And the shop is secretly visited by strange customers. They need help and the stranger helps them.

M.R. James: Room 13 and Other Ghost Stories

Five short stories on ghosts, mysterious forces, and night monsters. Each of the characters in these stories has an unpleasant experience with uninvited visitors from the world of ghosts and demons. We recommend not turning off the light immediately after reading. Something could be hiding in the dark …

Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray

The painter Basil Hallward paints an excellent portrait of a rich, young, and handsome man Dorian Gray. However, he refuses to let his friend Lord Henry Wotton, known for his bad reputation, meet Dorian, because he is afraid that he could have a bad influence on him. Basil’s concerns are realized. Henry and Dorian meet and Dorian’s life changes forever.

Zane Grey: Riders of the Purple Sage

The book takes place in the year 1871 in Utah. The majority of this state is formed by deserts, mountains, and vast plains with grass and sage. Horses and other livestock, taken care of by cowboys, feed on the plains. And as it usually is in the classic novels by Zane Grey, we will witness a story of love and hate - with a happy ending of course.

Intermediate level

The stories narrated using the 1,600 words of vocabulary

This level can be used by all who have already been dealing with English for several years. They should have a large vocabulary and a proper knowledge of grammar, but it is still not enough. They are afraid of making phone calls in English, they need to get the language “under their skin”. Native speakers talk faster and texts are more difficult.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Sign of Four

A classic detective story with the legendary detective and his inseparable companion. A beautiful young woman, Mary Morstan, visits Sherlock Holmes. She asks for help with searching for her father and discovering who has been sending her one pearl every year for six years.

Bram Stoker: Dracula

One of the most famous horrors ever written. A lawyer, Jonathan Harker, arrives in Transylvania at Count Dracula’s castle. There, he finds that the Count is a Master of vampires and swears to destroy him at any cost.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Speckled Band and Other Stories

Three Cases of Sherlock Holmes. In the first one (The Adventure of the Speckled Band), a young woman consults Holmes about the strange death of her sister. In the second one (The Adventure of the Dancing Men), Holmes must use all his deductive skills to solve the secret coded messages. In the third case (The Adventure of the Red-Headed League), Holmes investigates what is behind one strange ad offering work.

Philip Prowse: The Woman Who Disappeared

An adventurous story taking place in Los Angeles. A beautiful blond hires private detective Lenny Samuel to find her missing sister. Before long, killers, corpses, police officers, and jewelry thieves appear on the scene while Lenny avoids bullets, fast cars, and hard fists.



  • 12 electronic books from beginner to intermediate
  • 33 hours of sound recorded by native speakers
  • more than 1000 interactive exercises, 20 types of educational activities
  • more than 5 000 pictures
  • RE-WISE® method for learning words and phrases
  • pronunciation practice


  • 283 000 recorded words
  • 50 hours of sound
  • 40 000 meanings, 30 000 examples
  • all entries recorded by English native speakers
  • search by entry, grammatical form or phrase
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