Business opportunities

Business opportunities

About is a comprehensive and sophisticated internet system designed for individuals to learn foreign languages. It complements the educational system for companies and institutions at

  • is the largest free online language school in the world, and is connected to the Facebook community server (Free-Online-Language-School). These features allow the acquiring of a large number of non-paying users.
  • Thanks to the free education, represents a very strong marketing product which can be used for the sale of purchased products, placement of any advertising, etc.
  • There is a number of possibilities how to make money on free language courses. Besides this document you can find some more detailed explanations and information about Czech Republic Case Study at How to make money?


Free online courses

We offer courses in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. The courses are localized into Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovak and Spanish. The courses are designed for students ranging from complete beginners to advanced speakers.

We provide for free: 6 616 interactive exercises and tests, 928 chapters, 1 700 hours of entertaining learning, 49 808 sound recordings, and 11 263 pictures and photographs.

See the characteristics of the free courses at Free Online Courses.


Studying a foreign language is a demanding activity which is mainly about communication and motivation. Facebook is an ideal platform which is able to significantly support these two aspects (communication and motivation).

For each course, we developed a Facebook application, which allows starting the course directly from Facebook, sharing it with friends, and creating a community around the course and thus contribute to their expansion.

Entrance tests

The entire course is very extensive, and the optimal setting of the starting point of your study will prevent you from inefficient studying of previously mastered materials. The entry test will check the level of the user's language skills. Based on the results of the entrance test, a chapter corresponding to the level of the user's knowledge is automatically set.


The entire system has been localized into Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovak and Spanish, with Vietnamese in preparation. Localization into another language is very simple, technologically speaking; it merely means translating 100-400 standard pages of text, depending on the number of localized courses.


Link to protection

The eCommerce system is linked to a protection system. The realization and generation of license keys is performed in a fully automated manner.

Payment method

In eCommerce, you can pay using a regular credit card or a PayPal account. The currency is Euro.

Open and scalable system

The web application can run on various partner domains and be further extended by one of the following methods:

  • Localization into other languages
  • Offer of other online courses (we will transfer the course data of other publishers to an electronic version).
  • Offer of other paid dictionaries (we will process dictionary data of other publishers in the EasyLex technology, protect them, and make them ready for sale)
  • Offer of other download courses (we will protect the ready CD-ROMs with courses of other manufacturers, convert them into a download form and offer them for sale via eCommerce)
  • Connection of eCommerce to the accounting system of our partner
  • Change of currency in eCommerce

We are preparing


We are in development of the RE-WISE online application for the learning and revising vocabulary and phrases (see Rewise)

This application will be free in the basic version, and the professional version will require a fee.
It will contain a large amount of recorded words and phrases, acquired from the most common world language courses (Oxford, Cambridge, etc.). The application will thus be usable separately (without online courses) and will be easily expanded with new vocabulary.

Improvement of the FB application

We count on continuous improvement of the relation between the educational programs and the Facebook social network, based both on the users' feedback as well as on new knowledge.


Download of dictionaries for sale

The download of bilingual dictionaries with audio pronunciation is a paid accessory of the courses. The dictionaries are processed using the state of the art technology EasyLex (used, for example, by the British publisher, Collins Dictionaries).

See their characteristics at Easylex, and Dictionary.

Download of courses for sale

Those who are not satisfied with the features of the free online language learning can download state-of-the-art language courses containing advanced didactic features such as Speech recognition, Pronunciation practice using voice curves, the RE-WISE method for easy and effective vocabulary building, interconnection of the course with the dictionary (Click&See and Say&See functions) and grammar, and many others.

See their characteristics at Download Centrum.

Downloads protection

We use a licensed protection technology, SoftwarePassport (, to prevent the unauthorized distribution of downloads, dictionaries, and courses.

Each download can be tried for a free trial period. After the expiration of such a period, the user is prevented from continuing use of the product and asked to purchase a license key. The license key is valid only for one specific computer - it is a per-seat license for that computer.

Partnership offers interesting business opportunities in the form of partner cooperation (see the existing Partners)

Exclusive partnership for a certain territory

The partner acquires exclusivity for a certain territory by operating the application on a domain which is exclusive for this territory. It has been technologically ensured that it will not be possible to launch the LANGMaster applications of other partners in this territory (protection by IP address).

Two possible types of this exclusive cooperation are possible:

Marketing Representative

The partner takes care of promotion and application marketing in the pertinent territory. All operation, hosting, maintenance, and sale logistics are performed by LANGMaster. The partner is informed in a transparent way of all business cases from which he receives a commission.

Example: a company specialized in internet marketing could become a partner.

Exclusive Partner

The partner completely operates the web application, installed on its own HW and SW. The partner pays a commission to LANGMaster from the realized business cases, promotion, and other profits.

Example: a company with its own internet portal selling language products could become a partner.


The domain on which a partner runs the application can be:


LANGMaster will lend the partner its own TLD for the pertinent territory. The partner operates the application on this domain with eventual subsequent transfer of this domain to the partner.

Own domain

The partner operates the application on its own domain.

Strategic investor

The technologically sophisticated (and application has great potential for a long term strategic investor. The investor will supply the necessary know-how and funds for a quick, world-wide distribution of the application and for its subsequent development. The investor will acquire a share of, Inc.

Site localization partner

The partner will, at its own expense, perform the localization (100-400 standard pages of text, depending on the number of localized courses). Subsequently, the partner has the right to a commission from all business cases realized in the pertinent language.

Example: a localization or translation agency could become a partner.

Supplier partner

We offer the possibility of including partners' electronic courses and dictionaries on our portal for a commission. Promotion, sale, hosting, and maintenance will be the responsibility of LANGMaster.

We will use our technology for preparation of downloads and protection against misuse connected to eCommerce for partners' courses and dictionaries.

Example: a publisher of electronic courses or dictionaries, mainly on CD/DVD-ROM, could become a partner.

Content holder Partner

A partner licenses its non-electronic courses or bilingual dictionaries to LANGMaster. We will convert the courses or dictionaries to an electronic version and trade them. For this, we will pay the partner the agreed upon license fees.

All the data is technologically processed to be immediately usable not only for online learning, but also in the form of SCORM modules for LMS systems (e.g. at or for offline learning in the form of protected downloads, CD ROM, or DVD ROM.

Example: an author or publisher of language courses or bilingual dictionaries could become a partner.

Affiliate partner

The partner includes a link to on its website and gets a commission for all the customers his website brings, even for repetitive orders. We offer 30% commission on all sales! For more details see our affiliate program at

Example: a company operating internet servers or an individual website, blog owner could become a partner.

If you do not find an answer to your question in the Frequently asked questions, send us your ideas, comments or suggestions.