Mokymosi koncepcija

Mokymosi koncepcija

The course goes beyond the language

The learning will pull you into the culture and environment of the countries whose language you study – via the food, habits, and behavior of the residents, you will get into the history and cultural relics.

Dozens of types of interactive exercises

There are 38 types of exercises and interactive activities available: gap fills, selections from several options, orderings, dictations, pairings, sorting into groups, interactive dialogues, etc.

Rich multimedia content

The courses contain thousands of photos and pictures and hundreds of audio recordings recorded by native speakers.

Active practicing of the acquired knowledge

The words and phrases occurring in the text are always practiced and revised in many exercises and activities which stabilize and practice their use in various situations.

Revision tests

After several chapters, there is always a special revision test which will discover your weaknesses and suggest what to focus on in your further study.

Saving the study results

Throughout the registered user’s study, the complete results are saved. The system remembers not only where you last stopped, but also all the exercises and tests you have completed, as well as the score of the chapters, lessons, etc. You have a chance to repeat the exercises or chapters that you did not solve correctly the last time.

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