November 2010 - LANGMaster will offer 936 new bilingual study dictionaries based on the unique Lingea technology

The LANGMaster company concluded an agreement with concerning worldwide distribution of Lingea‘s bilingual dictionaries. LANGMaster will transform Lingea CD ROM dictionaries into the downloadable form and submit these downloads (protected against unauthorized copying) to its website as well as to approximately another 100 download sites worldwide.

LANGMaster will then offer unique bilingual dictionaries for all the important European and non-European languages. A total of 33 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Slovenian, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, Brazil Portuguese, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Romanian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Latvian, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai) . Their mutual combination gives a total offer of 936 bilingual dictionaries.

The new dictionaries will complete the LANGMaster offer of EuroTalk courses.

The launch of the whole project is planned for the beginning of 2011.

September 2010 - LANGMaster will offer 85 new language courses in 91 localizations

The LANGMaster company concluded a worldwide distribution agreement with EuroTalk Ltd. LANGMaster will transform EuroTalk CD ROM courses into the a downloadable form and submit these downloads (protected against unauthorized copying) to its website as well as to approximately another 100 download sites worldwide.

The main objective of this cooperation is to merge EuroTalk‘s huge data potential with LANGMaster‘s know-how and experience in Internet Sales.

EuroTalk Ltd. is based in London. For many years it has specialized in the development of language courses for a wide range of users worldwide (it offers more than 120 different languages). Moreover, the courses are localized into more than 100 native languages, so they are targeted to the vast majority of the world‘s population.

Besides development and sale of its own electronic courses, LANGMaster is also involved in the customization of third party products. LANGMaster arranges the transformation of common CD ROM courses into their downloadable forms. Downloads are protected against unauthorized copying and users are able to try out the courses before buying them (Try&Buy).

LANGMaster has also created a sophisticated procedure for submitting a large amount of downloads to almost 100 of the most important worldwide download sites.

This well-developed download sale system allows LANGMaster to execute a large number of small transactions with little overhead.

The launch of the whole project is planned for the beginning of 2011.

June 2010 - Updated version of Moodle language modules

LANGMaster prepared new, improved version of extensive language courses for MOODLE. This version is connected with launch of Silverlight 4.0. Based on the feedback from our users some minor imperfections and problems were eliminated. It is again possible to order SCORM packages enriched with grammar explanations.

New version can be downloaded at Instructions how to upgrade your Moodle installation while preserving results of your study are below.

To upgrade your LANGMaster language modules, please follow these steps:

  • Download the new version at
  • Backup your Moodle installation including results of your study.
  • Log in to Moodle as Administrator and edit the course you wish to upgrade (click Update SCORM/AICC).
  • Upload and select the lately downloaded SCORM package in the Package File field.
  • Confirm the changes. Moodle should automatically update the SCORM module and preserve the previous results of your study.

In case that the results of your study were not preserved, restore your original Moodle installation from the backup and proceed as follows:

  • From the lately downloaded version unpack the files: slplayer.xap (placed in the root directory) and framework\script\lm\langmasterajax.js
  • Replace these two files in the original Moodle installation with the new versions.

MS Silverlight upgrade will be required after running the updated Scorm module (in case the Silverlight was not upgraded within the automatic Windows upgrades).

May 2010 - French and Italian localizations in development, dozens of others intended.

We are glad to inform you, that we have just started to localize to further languages. Complete French and Italian localizations will be available in September 2010.

The entire system has been already localized into English, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Slovak and Vietnamese. We are going to add other localizations in the near future.

Are you interested in further localizations? Would you like to cooperate? We are looking for new localization partners. Localization into another language is very simple:

  • The basic localization means translating of about 10 standard pages of text.
  • The middle localization means translating about standard 50 pages text.
  • The complete localization means translating 340 standard pages of text.

Our localization partners can get at once: courses on Internet + protected offline courses (download, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM) + SCORM modules for LMS. All in their native language.

Are you interested in this project? Please, contact us at

March 2010 - 41 downloads in 4 language localizations submitted to 48 download centers

Paid offline versions of our courses can be now downloaded from most of the significant English, Spanish, German and Russian download centers. We offer a total of 41 courses and dictionaries. LANGMaster downloads are also available at and

February 2010 - Language courses enriched with grammar explanations

LANGMaster prepared new version of SCORM packages - language courses enriched with grammar explanations. The grammar (690 grammar pages in total) is contextually linked to the courses. The exercises contain links to the related grammar phenomena (1883 links in total). The grammar explanations are localized into English, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech and Slovak. Grammar is not included in free SCORM packages available at Please, contact us if you are interested in enriched SCORM modules.

February 2010 - New version of offline language courses

LANGMaster is developing a new version of offline language courses. Preview of the new version can be downloaded from our site. It includes:

  • complete course
  • grammar
  • dictionary
  • suggestion, how to incorporate entrance test to the course (to see online version of the test, just log in at and select a free language course of your choice)
  • suggestion, how to incorporate RE-WISE vocabulary builder to the course (to learn more about Rewise features see our video sample RE-WISE on YouTube…).

These steps were done to fulfill our mission: once prepared educational data and advanced didactic features localized to many languages can be used as:

  • internet online courses
  • SCORM modules in LMS
  • offline courses (in the form of protected download, CD ROM or DVD ROM).

February 2010 - LANGMaster SCORM modules for MOODLE are already used by 170 companies and institutions

Download and installation of free SCORM modules into local MOODLE installations is very easy. MOODLE users appreciate the extensiveness and quality of our English, German, French, Spanish and Italian courses at

Tutorial de la semana February 2010 – LANGMaster English course become THE BEST TUTORIAL OF THE WEEK

Our English course has been awarded as THE BEST TUTORIAL OF THE WEEK at ABCdatos - the famous Spanish freeware & shareware directory on 1.2.2010.

January 2010 - LANGMaster free online courses acquired 300 000 registered users

We are really pleased by the great interest of the professional community, business partners and especially by the interest of our enthusiastic users. In January 2010 our site has reached 300 000 registered users (see )

October 2009 – LANGMaster launched Free Languages Online on

LANGMaster is now providing the world’s most extensive Free Languages Online for individuals and Free Language Academy for companies and institutions. LANGMaster offers English, German, French, Spanish and Italian courses. The language courses are available in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese and Czech localization and are designed for students from complete beginners to advanced speakers.

Press Release: Charging For News? LANGMaster Heads The Other Way

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