Self-study supplements

Available Self-study supplements:

Basic principles of Self-study supplements:

Our experience shows that corporate clients tend to be conservative in the field of language learning. Only a small percentage of companies are able to accept e-learning and blended learning. We have therefore prepared a concept of self-study supplements, which can enrich traditional corporate language learning with some e-Learning aspects.

  • E-Learning enriches (does not replace) conventional learning
  • E-Learning is tailored to your curriculum and contains data from the language textbooks you use.. We have used the open platform Open learning initiative , which allows the use of data corresponding to the content of full-time teaching. Many resources are already covered by a linguistic community. They can be immediately used in Listen & Talk, Sounded Text and RE-WISE.
  • E-Learning is used in those areas where it adds value and not in the areas where traditional full-time teaching is preferable. Suitable areas: listening and pronunciation practice, memorizing of words and phrases, etc.
  • E-Learning is targeted mainly for self-study.
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