Spanish Audio - Listen & Learn

Learn while travelling, jogging, or during a vacation at sea!

A listening course which is recorded by excellent native speakers in foreign recording studios. All the introductory speeches are narrated in your language, so you will know how to work with the individual parts.

You don’t need a computer or internet connection for listening. Any mp3 player or mobile phone is enough. You can therefore study while riding public transport, in a car, during various sports, while doing household chores, on vacation, or during your leisure time, thus using it even more effectively.

Purchase the License key for 18,00 €.
You will receive the License key by e-mail. It will enable you to download recordings in MP3 format.
Enter the received License key. Download .ZIP file and save it to the disk on your computer. After unpacking this .ZIP file, you will get MP3 recordings.

Download the transcripts of the recordings in PDF format.These transcripts will help you to understand the recordings.

This audio course will mainly help you to:

  • improve your listening comprehension
  • increase your vocabulary
  • improve your pronunciation
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