World-famous publishers

World-famous publishers

LANGMaster language courses were created in cooperation with many world renowned publishers of educational content:

Hueber Verlag, Germany

The Hueber Verlag Publisher is one of the most important foreign language publishers of educational and tutorial materials for adult education. Hueber Verlag has the leading position in the world in the preparation for the Zertifikat Deutsch test. For more details see:

HarperCollinsPublishers, Great Britain

HarperCollins Publishers is one of the largest publishers in Great Britain. It has been publishing dictionaries since the year 1874. The unique connection of experience and continuous innovation keep it on the frontline in lexicography. For more details see:

Heinemann, Great Britain

Heinemann, a company with more than 150 years of tradition, is one of the world’s top publishers of educational content, especially English textbooks and additional reading books for all age groups. For more details see:

EuroTalk, Great Britain

EuroTalk is one of the world's best-selling language software publishers. Its interactive language courses cover over 120 languages. They are ideal for travellers, holiday makers, business people, students and families. For more details see:

Pearson Longman, Great Britain

It is one of the top publishers of learning materials for children from 3 to 18 years. For more details see:
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