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Enjoy learning English language. Try for free English Lessons and listen to English audio using Listen & Talk (English Listening and English Pronunciation).

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  • English course Free Trial | 65,00 €

    Award winning course based on the highest quality educational content from the Hueber Publisher. Contains the most advanced didactic features such as the ViaVoice IBM technology for Speech recognition, the RE-WISE method for easy and effective vocabulary building, and the Click&See and Say&See methods for the immediate translation of words into the appropriate language.The course covers 5 levels of skill from beginner to advanced.

  • English READERS + Collins Dictionary Free Trial | 35,00 €

    The courses are based on books written by world famous authors (Oscar Wilde, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,…) adapted by the Macmillan Heinemann Publisher for students from beginner to intermediate level. The courses are suitable as a learning supplement and are mainly focused on reading, listening, and vocabulary. They cooperate with RE-WISE method for easy and effective vocabulary building. The courses are contextually linked with the completely recorded Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary. Suitable also for children older than 10 years.
  • English TOEFL® Course + Tests Free Trial | 28,00 €

    The course is based on the TOEFL® Preparation Course and TOEFL® Practice Tests textbooks published by the Macmillan Heinemann Publisher. It is designed for advanced students of English who are preparing for the internationally recognized TOEFL test or who want to check and improve their knowledge of English at an advanced level. Besides the language preparation itself, you will also master the important strategies on how to succeed at the TOEFL test. You will try the test with 7 complete sample tests.
  • English with Famous People Free Trial | 28,00 €

    The course is focused on listening and comprehension of a spoken language using live video recordings of interviews prepared by the SKY NEWS British Television Station. You will listen and learn the language which is really spoken by your favorite actors, famous writers and politicians, or successful businessmen and music stars. You will learn with Nicolas Cage, Tom Hanks, Bill Gates, Stephen King, Kim Basinger, the British Royal Family and many others. Designed for intermediate and advanced students.

  • English Learner’s Dictionary Free Trial | 25,00 €

    The dictionary is not only an ideal accessory for language study, but it also contains the unique EasyLex function, where you only have to point with the mouse at the unknown word and its translation appears immediately. EasyLex works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, ICQ, Miranda, Notepad, Wordpad, etc. The dictionary was prepared in cooperation with the renowned company HarperCollins Publishers and is based on the Lingea technology.

  • English Audio - Listen & Learn 18,00 €

    A listening course which is recorded by excellent native speakers in foreign recording studios. All the introductory speeches are narrated in your language, so you will know how to work with the individual parts.

    You don’t need a computer or internet connection for listening. Any mp3 player or mobile phone is enough. You can therefore study while riding public transport, in a car, during various sports, while doing household chores, on vacation, or during your leisure time, thus using it even more effectively.

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Listen & Talk (English Listening and English Pronunciation)

To improve your listening and pronunciation skills, we have prepared hundreds of hours of high-quality recordings spoken by native speakers.

Use the glossaries prepared by the Internet community, and enhance your current method of learning a foreign language. You can also provide others with your own glossary adapted to the Open Learning Initiative specification.

Dialog of the week

A new sounded dialogue every week.

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RE-WISE (English words and English phrases, learning and practising) - coming soon

Forget the forgetting with a unique LANGMaster tool for learning words and phrases.

Learn words and phrases from the glossaries prepared by the Internet community. You can also provide others with your own glossary adapted to the Open Learning Initiative specification.

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